Compiz Fusion

How to install Compiz Fusion in Fedora 11

This guide assumes that you have video card that supports 3d acceleration installed in your system.
To install compiz fusion, open up your terminal and type this command:

yum install ccsm compiz-manager compiz-fusion-extras compiz-fusion-extras-gnome fusion-icon-gtk compizconfig-backend-gconf

Then go to System->Preferences->Startup Applications.

Startup Applications

How to prevent KDE4 applications to start in fullscreen mode on Fedora 11 with Compiz Fusion.

I am experiencing problems with most of my KDE4 applications installed in my Fedora 11 box. I've recently installed digikam, konqueror, konversation, ktorrent etc. and everytime I open each of these applications, its always opening in full screen mode.

How to fix this problem?

After googling, I found out that Compiz Fusion is the one causing this problem. To fix it, open Compizconfig Settings Manager and go "Utility Section" and click "Workarounds" then untick the "Legacy Fullscreen Support". Cheers!

Hey! Checkout my Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

I'd modified my Ubuntu Hardy Heron Desktop to look and behave like Mac OSX Leopard. I installed Compiz Fusion for cutting edge 3D effects, Avant Window Navigator and Mac4Lin. Well, who needs Vista and Mac now?
This is a wonderful operating system. Its free, stable, secure and its better than Vista or Mac. So why should I waste money on an expensive, yet worthless piece of crap, when there is a free alternative?

Howto Install Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu 7.10 using ATI video Card

Supported ATI videocard

Taken from fglrx driver description for Gutsy. This version of the ATI driver officially supports:

  • FireGL: V7350, V7300, V7200, V7100, V5200, V5100, V5000, V3400,
    V3300, V3200, V3100, X3-256, X3, X2-256, Z1-128, T2-128,
    X1-128, X1-256p
  • FireMV: 2200 (Single card PCI-e configuration)
  • Mobility FireGL: V5000, T2
  • Mobility Radeon: X1800, X1600, X1400, X1300, X800, X700, X600, X300,
    9800, 9600, 9550, 9500
  • Radeon Xpress: 200M series, 1250 IGP, 200 series
  • Radeon: X1900, X1800, X1600, X1300, X850, X800, X700, X600, X550,
    X300, 9800, 9700, 9600, 9550, 9500

ATI All-in-Wonder variants of the above cards/chips are also supported,
but video capture is not.

If you are doing fresh install of Gutsy

1. Enable fgrlx driver - Install linux-restricted-modules and restricted-manager provied in the restricted repositories:

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