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Aklan Linux Users Group (AKLUG) is an online community for Aklanon Linux users. Whether you are beginner or expert, we invite you to join the group. Membership is free, all you have to do is just sign up and join the discussion forum or subscribe to the mailing list. The aim of this group is to unite all Aklanons with interests in Linux, and Free/Open Source Software.

Hey! Checkout my Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

I'd modified my Ubuntu Hardy Heron Desktop to look and behave like Mac OSX Leopard. I installed Compiz Fusion for cutting edge 3D effects, Avant Window Navigator and Mac4Lin. Well, who needs Vista and Mac now?
This is a wonderful operating system. Its free, stable, secure and its better than Vista or Mac. So why should I waste money on an expensive, yet worthless piece of crap, when there is a free alternative?

Cool Asterisk Features


Checkout this cool video about Asterisk. This video introduce the Asterisk capabilities and the advantage of using Asterisk PBX.

Asterisk PBX


Having a fully functional PBX system is not a big problem anymore. Thanks to Asterisk, you can now have a working PBX installed on your PC running GNU/Linux without spending a lot of money.

What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is an open source Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that runs on Linux, BSD and Mac OSX. It was created by Mark Spencer of Digium in 1991. Like any PBX, it allows a number of attached telephones (extensions) to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services including the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The basic Asterisk software provides all of the features you would expect from a proprietary PBX including: voicemail, conference calling, interactive voice response (IVR), and automatic call distribution (queue). These are just a few of the features that it can provide, you can view a list of supported features at Asterisk's Web site.

Why use Ubuntu Linux?


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a popular and widely used Linux distribution today. Ubuntu is simple, easy to use, and user-friendly. Its my personal favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu is the best alternative to Windows operating system. If you consider switching from Windows to GNU/Linux, I would personally recommend Ubuntu.

Why Ubuntu?

Aside from being free, secure, stable and easy to use, here are the other deciding factors why I switched to Ubuntu.

Revolution OS - A Documentary about the History of Linux, GNU and the Free Software Movement

Revolution OS

Revolution OS is a very interesting documentary about GNU, GNU/Linux, Open Source, and the (FSF) Free Software Movement. It tells the story of the prominent hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open Source movement. This films contains interviews with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond and others who discuss the importance of free software, and how their ideas led to the GNU project and eventually GNU/Linux. Entertaining in a geeky sort of way.

Checkout the trailer:

Why Linux?

Why GNU/Linux is better than Windows? There are many reasons:

Freedom - Linux is completely free while Microsoft Windows is not. Windows is expensive and has many restrictions. Windows is licensed, not sold, even when you legally buy it, you don't own it. It is leased to you under a license that restricts how you can use the software. Linux is Open Source and has no restrictions , you are free to download, use, share and modify the source code.

What is Linux?

What is GNU/Linux?

GNU/Linux is a free Unix-like computer operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the help of many developers around the world. Developed under the GNU General Public License, GNU/Linux can be freely modified, used and redistributed by anyone.

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