50 Best Free and High Quality Games available on Fedora

Most of the best Linux games from my previous post are available in the official Fedora repository. These games can be installed easily using the yum command. All the games are native to Fedora, some of them are free but not open-source.

Games for Fedora repo

1. Urban Terror

yum -y install urbanterror

The above command will only install menu entries, additional data files are needed before you can start playing this game. Urban Terror uses the GPL licensed ioquake3 engine, however the Urban Terror data-files are not freely redistributable. To download the data files and start playing the game, go to "Applications->Games->Urban Terror", click "Accept", download the data files and click "Start" to run the game.
Full installation instruction of Urban Terror with screenshots can be found here.

2. World of Padman
Just like the Urban Terror, this command will only install menu entries of WOP, additional data files are needed before you can play the game. After running the below command, go to "Applications->Games->World of Padman", click "Accept", download the data files and click "Start" to run the game.

yum -y install worldofpadman

3. Alien Arena
To install, open up your terminal and type the below command as root:

yum -y install alienarena

4. Dark Places

yum -y install darkplaces

5. Nexuiz

yum -y install nexuiz

6. Red Eclipse

yum -y install redeclipse

7. Tremulous

yum -y install tremulous

8. Open Arena

yum -y install openarena

9. Teeworlds

yum -y install teeworlds

10.The Mana World

yum -y install tmw

11. FreeDroidRPG

yum -y install freedroidrpg

12. GNU FreeDink

yum -y install freedink

13. Battle For Wesnoth

yum -y install wesnoth

14. FreeCol

yum -y install freecol

15. FreeCiv

yum -y install freeciv

16. LordsAWar!

yum -y install lordsawar

17. Scorched3D

yum -y install scorched3d

18. Wormux

yum -y install warmux

19. Hedge Wars

yum -y install hedgewars

20. MegaGlest

yum -y install megaglest

21. netPanzer

yum -y install netpanzer

22. Widelands

yum -y install widelands

23. OpenTTD

yum -y install openttd

24. LinCity-NG

yum -y install lincity-ng

25. Vega Strike

yum -y install vegastrike

26. Thunder and Lightning

yum -y install TnL

27. FlightGear

yum -y install FlightGear

28. GL-117

yum -y install gl-117

29. Search and Rescue II

yum -y install sar2

30. Chromium B.S.U.

yum -y install chromium-bsu

31. Glaxium

yum -y install glaxium

32. Vdrift

yum -y install vdrift

33. Ultimate Stunts

yum -y install ultimatestunts

34. ManiaDrive

yum -y install maniadrive maniadrive-music maniadrive-track-editor


yum -y install torcs

36. Speed Dreams

yum -y install speed-dreams

37. Armacycles Advanced

yum -y install armacycles-ad

38. Extreme Tux Racer

yum -y install extremetuxracer

39. SuperTuxKart

yum -y install supertuxkart

40. CannonSmash

yum -y install csmash

41. Free Tennis

yum -y install freetennis

42. Slam Soccer

yum -y install bolzplatz2006

43. PokerTH

yum -y install pokerth

44. Plee the Bear

yum -y install plee-the-bear

45. SuperTux

yum -y install supertux

46. Frozen Bubble

yum -y install frozen-bubble

47. Zaz

yum -y install zaz

48. Amoebax

yum -y install amoebax

49. TuxTyping

yum -y install tuxtype2

50. 0 A.D.

yum -y install 0ad

If you want to install all the games at once, just copy the below command and paste it in your terminal and press enter.

yum -y install urbanterror worldofpadman alienarena darkplaces nexuiz redeclipse tremulous openarena teeworlds tmw freedroidrpg freedink wesnoth freecol freeciv lordsawar scorched3d warmux hedgewars megaglest netpanzer widelands openttd lincity-ng vegastrike TnL FlightGear gl-117 sar2 chromium-bsu glaxium vdrift ultimatestunts maniadrive torcs speed-dreams armacycles-ad extremetuxracer supertuxkart csmash freetennis bolzplatz2006 pokerth plee-the-bear supertux frozen-bubble zaz amoebax tuxtype2 0ad