How to install World of Padman in Fedora 14

This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to install World of Padman on a Fedora 14. World of Padman is cartoon-style, first person shooter game where players must take on opponents across wide variety of giant maps. Its a free, colorful, funny and awesome game.
To install World of Padman, open up your terminal and type the below command as root.

yum -y install worldofpadman

Just like Urban Terror, you need to download some files first before you can start playing this game.

World of Padman uses the GPL licensed ioquake3 engine, however the Wop data-files are not freely redistributable.

Go to "Applications->Games->World of Padman" to download the data files needed by World of Padman to run.

World of Padman

Click "Accept"

World of Padman

Click "Accept" to Accept the License Information and start downloading the necessary files.

World of Padman

The autodownloader will automatically download all the necessary files. Wait for the download to finish, this may take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection.

World of Padman

Click "Start" to play World of Padman and enjoy the game.