How to make wma, wmv, mp3, mpeg, mp4, dvd, mov, real audio and video playble in Fedora 11 using Totem with xine backend.

Totem is the default multimedia player for Fedora 11. It uses gstreamer backend by default, but also works with xine backend. Witht the xine library in use, totem can play all media formats with the exception of encrypted/drm’d media and blu-ray/hd-dvd.

This tutorial will show you how to force totem to use xine as a default backend.

To install xine backend, the the command below as root:

yum install xine-lib xine-lib-extras xine-lib-extras-freeworld xine-plugin totem-xine

Since totem uses gstreamer as its default backend, we need to change its backend to use xine. To do it, just type the command:

totem-backend -b xine

To revert back to gstreamer, just type the command:

totem-backend -b gstreamer

To know more about xine, please click this link.