Hey! Checkout my Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop

I'd modified my Ubuntu Hardy Heron Desktop to look and behave like Mac OSX Leopard. I installed Compiz Fusion for cutting edge 3D effects, Avant Window Navigator and Mac4Lin. Well, who needs Vista and Mac now?
This is a wonderful operating system. Its free, stable, secure and its better than Vista or Mac. So why should I waste money on an expensive, yet worthless piece of crap, when there is a free alternative?

Default Ubuntu Desktop with MacOS Leopard Theme

Desktop with Mac OSX Leopard Themes

Online Music using Banshee

Online Music using Banshee

magic lamp animation effects

Magic lamp animation effects

desktop cube

Desktop cube

flip switcher

Flip switcher

cover switcher

Cover switcher

ring switcher

Ring switcher

window switch

Window switch

flat desktop

Flat desktop

print screen with fire

Print screen with fire

Check this link for instructions how to install Mac4Lin in Ubuntu.